Personalized Sites

A new direction in direct selling, and its not replicated sites. EdgeAbove Personalized Sites enable distributors to expand online and increase sales. Contact us today.


Competitive Edge

The EdgeAbove system is new, its revolutionary, and its available today. Every other direct selling technology solution currently offered, especially replicated sites, is outdated, ineffective and prevents online growth.


Maximize Online

Distributors can now use the web beyond the online brochure (replicated) system, and achieve a new level of sales while remaining 100% compliant.


Solutions

Corporate Benefits

Corporate sites will benefit from having an established, search engine friendly distributor site network. Replicated sites offer little to no benefit to distributors and corporate.

Distributor Benefits

Leverage the imaginations, talents, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of distributors. EdgeAbove offers the training, tools, to unleash distributor's prowess, while maintaining full compliance.

Online Reputation

When the public wants to learn more, they enquire a search engine. What are potential distributors going to find when they Google your firm? Take more control of the online conversation through EdgeAbove.

Tools & Training

Distributors and Corporate site managers will have access to the latest online tools and training to harness the latest in online marketing strategies and proven techniques to improve online position and increase sales.

Online Statistics

The Growth of Search

In 1999 Google processed an average of 500,000 searches per day. In 2008 Google processed an average of 2,000,000,000 per day.

Keyword Searches

Over 20 million of the daily searches on Google are completely unique, using combinations of keywords never before used.

Search Today

The world has changed, the public extensively uses search engines to learn, shop, relax and work, and search will continue to evolve and become more important going forward.

Search Facts

9 out of 10 people only click on organic search results. 42% of results page clicks go to the #1 result. A total of 74% will click on one of the top 5 results.

Search Benefits

Moving up on a search engine results page from the #10 position into the #1 position will result in a 1400% increase in online traffic to the site.